How Does It Work?

This is how we work.

1.  You call us and we agree a price for the delivery based on our prices.

2.  We then agree the payment method:

Either Cash on Collection or Credit/Debit Card

To pay by card we send you an email requesting payment by debit/credit card.  This is processed online by Paypal and so you never need to give us your credit card information.  You do not need to have a paypal account to do this.  You are also protected by Paypal.

*  The payment must be made in advance of the collection  *
(This is how we keep our rates this low)

3.  We arrive to collect the goods (usually within 45 mins)

4.  We give you a receipt for the collection and an invoice.

5.  We deliver the goods and call you to confirm delivery.  We get a name and signature from the delivery address.

Call us now on 01223 755 655 and we will collect in the next 40 minutes.


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