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Cambridge Same Day Courier Price’s

If you want to know why we are 40% cheaper than our competitors see below

You can easily calculate the rate for your delivery yourself.

1. Calculate the mileage from the collection postcode to the delivery postcode.  You can do this on Google maps by clicking here (opens a new window).  Just enter the postcode you are sending from and press search and then on the left hand side click directions and enter the postcode you want to deliver to and press “get directions”  Google will then give you the mileage.

2.  We charge 88p per mile to your destination ONLY, so just multiply the mileage by 0.88 to get our final price  in pounds.  We only charge one way – some companies charge you a lower rate but charge you for the return journey as well.

3.  The only additional costs are as follows

a) Tolls

b) Congestion charge in London (£10 weekdays)

c) Weekend deliveries and evening deliveries that begin after 5.30pm rates. (£1.10 per mile)

d) Deliveries that require us to return the goods to the sender, getting a signature for example  (add 50%).

e) Minimum Price £20.00

It is that simple.

Or just call us now on 01223 755 655 for a quote.


Why are Cambridge Same Day Couriers so Cheap

1. We use our own team of experienced owner drivers.

2. We do not use gas guzzling large vans or trucks, we have economical cars.

3. We specialise in small packages and documents ONLY.

4. Drivers are all individuals and NOT VAT REGISTERED – You Don’t Pay VAT – This makes us 20% cheaper immediately if you are not VAT registered individual.

5. We Only Charge 88p/mile. This is up to 40p a mile cheaper than our competitors. Save another 30%.

6. We only charge one way. From the point of Collection to the point of Delivery.


How Can Cambridge Same Day Couriers offer these low rates?

Simple. We don’t offer credit. We charge for our services in advance and we don’t hide anything. You pay by cash or credit/debit card in advance. This is how we have such low costs per mile, we dont cary a debt burden and so you gain. Even in these days of high fuel costs and cutbacks we provide an honest fast and efficient service.

Look at these examples from competitors


Cambridge to Sheffield – 123 miles according to Google maps.

Our Competition quoted us £152 + VAT = £182.40

Our Price 123 miles x 88p= £108.24

You would save £74 (almost 40%) by using Cambridge Same Day Couriers and paying in advance.


Cambridge to Bristol – 151 miles according to Google maps.

A different Competitor quoted us £194 + VAT = £232

Our Price 151 miles x 88p= £132.88

You would save around £100 (almost 45%) by using Cambridge Same Day Couriers and paying in advance.


We know money is tight and we can help.

Call us now on 01223 755 655 and we will collect in the next 40 minutes.


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